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Like many of my friends I work nights and thus I have the misfortune of being awake for a lot more hours than most people and get time to think and write accodingly. These are just reflections on the curent state of everything I have an opinion about.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Lost in my own kitchen

Over 7 months ago I Moved into a townhouse with my Fiance and another roommate. And in writing this first post I came to the conclusion that in order to make it though class in an hour I would need some coffee. Now for a little usefull info to you who don't know me I work a thankless public safety job that has me on the streets until 4:00 am most nights so this is the first time I have actually made coffee for myself in this apt in about 4 months, it is either free at work or my roommate Big D has a pot on the warmer at all times. Also important Big D has this problem where he is constantly rearranging things to be more efficient. So the coffee, filters, and sugar have all moved since I last used them the only thing in the same spot was the coffee pot. Long story short I only found two of the three components, both of which were in opposite sides of the kitchen, that I was looking for and had to settle for putting what I pray was brown sugar in my coffee.

Sorry long introduction to a short gripe about the stupidity of people. Big D will remain anonymous because one day he may eventually find this blog and given his capacity to piss me off he will more than likely be a common target for my rantings. But unfortunately class is soon and if I am ever going to fully understand both sides of the conversation in the movie ZULU I must go attend my Zulu 102 class at The Ohio State University (Easiest way to fulfill my language requirement and final graduate).


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