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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Air pistols sweet victory and bitter defeat...

For those of you who know me, you know that I love shooting as a sport and for the purpose of home and self defense. Fortunately this quarter at school I was able to combine my love of shooting with the need to fill credit hours in order to keep my financial aid and enroll in International Air Pistol for an easy P.E. credit. Pro's free range time, finally a conservative place for me to hide from the left wing nuts that are overabundance on the campus. Con's the only thing we are allowed to shoot is very old very crappy air pistols that couldn't hit the same spot twice if the were clamped in a vice, and several people belonging to the .45 Mafia. (I myself have a .45 auto, but I at least acknowledge the fact that there are other cartridges that are every bit as effective and some even have advantages over the old .45 ACP. My purchase was based on the comfort of the gun in my hand. )
Anyway one of my classmates is the Captain of the University's pistol team, and he gets to use the nice fancy air pistol that he was provided for being on the team. If I am not mistaken it is an Aeron B99-AIR this pistol goes for about 700 USD. The rest of us commoners have to use something similar to this these go for about 150 USD except the ones we use are about 20 years old. But I digress about the second week of actual shooting the Team Captain is shooting with his fancy air pistol out of the bench rest position and I was using an old daisy shooting with my weakest position the one handed right next to him. He had been talking up his skills to the relatively attractive young lady on his right when I pulled my target back in. It was a fairly decent score 40 I believe so I am looking it over when he pulls his in and he sees that I had bested him by approximately 10 points, here is the kicker I only found 4 holes in my paper as opposed to his 5 so I either lost count of my shots or more likely just missed entirely with my 5th round. He realized this too but more bruising to his ego was the fact that the young lady next to him and the gentleman (and ROTC buddy of his who proceded to give him &*$# for it) that I was sharing my pistol with did as well. He did not react well at all, he made all sorts of excuses for this attributing my score to dumb luck and stating the nicotine from his Skoal made him shaky. I am not going to rule out dumb luck, I'll even admit that it probably was, but I couldn't help myself I had to rub a little salt in the wound, so I told him that I really didn't care about target shooting for score my only purpose there was to improve my chances of hitting an attacker if I were ever in a situation where I had defend myself or another with a gun. For some reason my humble act got him even madder about his score then. Since this incident I have noticed two things one being that he never shoots next to me anymore, if at all, during class and secondly other students have come to me on occasion to help them with thier own shooting issues.


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