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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Why Dogs are better than cats

I always hear cat people talk about how great their cats are and how they are better than dogs. They say that cats are such clean animals and so self sufficient, they will sing the praises of these cats day and night. These people are often unable to see the value of a dog so I just tell them that they are right cats are great pets, and I really mean it. Cats are wonderful pets; but dogs are more than pets to me they are companions and friends let me tell you why. In all the time Kim and I have had our 3 cats they have been decent pets for as long as they lasted. (Our first died mysteriously in her apt one day, the second ran away when Kim's friend was checking on him while we were away for a week, and the one that is currently residing with us.) But they are just pets to me no better then hamsters who have been held enough so they are used to people and accept your petting from time to time. The dogs I have owned however were different. The first dog my family ever had was a Schnauzer/Scotty terrier mix named Beau he was about 5 years old when I was born and remember him from about the time he was 10 on and he formed my love for mans best friend although he was old and small he was very energetic until his last two years or so and he loved children so he was constantly around Josh and I growing up and would even put his 20 lb body between us and anything he perceived as a threat. I have never had a cat do this for me. Sadly after he lived to the ripe old age of 16 he passed away and it was 3 or 4 years until we could talk my parents into letting us get another dog. Our beagle named Flash. This was right at the time when a young man is a well of conflicted emotions and often I was angry at the world; my brother would constantly attack me verbally and on occasion physically at home; and at school I had a hard time fitting in because I refused to conform to what the cool thing to do was or dress a certain way and when all else failed there was one thing that would always brighten my day and that was walking home from school and seeing a set of ridiculously floppy ears and a white tipped tail moving so fast that it was nothing but a blur ready to greet me at the gate to our yard. This little hound never failed to brighten my mood because for a few minutes at least there was one thing in the world happy to see me and wasn't afraid to let me know it. It was these little moments of happiness that got me through a lot of tough times and a chapter of my life when it seemed I had hit rock bottom without the aid of a substance abuse. So as time progressed things got better and I moved off away from my little friend and started a new life at college. Well college can be a trying experience as well but a lot of places won't let you keep animals if you are a renter and truthfully I didn't have the time to dedicate to training a puppy or giving it the attention that it needs and deserves. Then one day Lucille walked into my life. Lucille was a stray I found behind my house in the campus area, she was emaciated and distrustful of everything. I remembered how much a dog had helped me so I saw the opportunity to return the favor for another animal. I quickly went into my kitchen and grabbed a few slices of ham and a 5 foot rope from a drawer and went back out and approached her slowly and speaking softly and dropped a piece of ham in front of her. She scarffed it down so quickly I had to make sure I actually threw it to her. The next piece I laid down a little closer to me and let her come to me by the third piece of ham she was my new best friend. My initial plan had been to take her to the Humane Society. But there was a problem she was at least half Pit Bull and no shelters will take them for more then three days before putting them down because she was of a dangerous breed. I could not allow that to happen here was an animal who had been abused neglected and turned loose to fend for itself and the Humane society an organization that is dedicated to helping animals wanted to kill her. So I decided to keep her until I could find a good home for her. About two weeks into the search I was involved in an accident and was laid up for several weeks unable to move very much or far or often. I spent my time between my house and Kim's (her house had less steps and she was taking care of me) All of the time I spent on the couch in my house Lucille spent it right next to me, the cat hardly gave me a second glance at Kim's. This dog that was supposed to be a dangerous breed and couldn't be trusted was acting like a nurse maid. She wouldn't eat unless I was in the room where she knew I was safe and she wouldn't even answer nature's call unless I was nearby and this resulted in a few messes believe you me. But I Cleaned them up with no complaint. She like Flash had transcended the place of a pet she was a companion as valuable as any of my human friends to me. The day finally came when I found a suitable home for her with another dog her age and several acres of land she could have to roam and play at her will and as much as it broke my heart to let her go I did because I knew it was what was best for her. Now I am back to having just the cat and Big D for pets. I still miss Lucille and I know that no cat could come close to becoming the companion she was there is something missing in my life, but I have a hope now, my 23rd birthday present from Kim was a promise that I can have another dog soon and a puppy at that. Her aunt breeds labs and has told us we can have one any time they have a litter and I haven't been this excited in a long time Because while I know that this puppy won't be able to replace Beau, Flash, or Lucille it will be a new companion in my life and one that I will be able to enjoy the company of for years to come no matter where my life takes me after graduation and on the job hunting trail.


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