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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Naming your guns

James at hellinahandbasket made a post about how people in the age of chivalry named their swords and mentions how the habit has more or less died with guns, but mentions that some people still do. Well I am one of them The Spanish Mauser I mentioned in my previous post belonged to James before he made a gift of it to me and before James owned it it belonged to his good friend Charles Parish. This is a fire arm to be cherished, while any historical value was diminished when a sporter stock was used to replace the original I know what Charles meant to James and for him to give me something that belonged to Charles showed me how much our friendship meant to him. This gun has a lot of significance so I couldn't help myself I had to name it so it became El Ocho. Yes I know I am just saying the eight but for some reason it just fits a bare bones name for a bare bones gun.


Blogger Bob said...

Just in case you were worried about it...the historical value of a spanish m43/50 shouldn't keep you awake at night. At most some of Franco's goons, err, guardia civile carried it around some. Likely, it didn't even get carried around any, since it was a 1950's model not updated to a FR-8. Spain didn't really do anything of historical significance between 1950 and the switch to the CETME.

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