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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Random thoughts

First: If you have a near death experience does that the Grim Reaper has a near you experience, if so is he as shaken up about the whole thing as you are?

Second: Why is coolant in cars commonly referred to Anti freeze? (I actually know the answer to this but it sounded good anyway)

Third: Do you remember the questions in elementary math class about two trains that are 200 miles apart traveling at different speeds etc. Why the hell should we care, if they want me to solve math put it in the standard form, don't wrap it in a !@#$ word puzzle, I mean seriously you have kids that can barely divide with a calculator to help them.


Blogger Bob said...

1. At least based on Family Guy, the grim reaper probably is shook up.

2. Most engineers wish that it WASN'T called antifreeze, since its function in raising the boiling point is nearly as important as lowering the freezing point. That is, if you run straight water in the summer, you can boil your coolant at lower temps and screw up your engine even though the idiot light/temp gauge reads normal. Not to mention the anti-corrosion properties of coolant are critical in engines with more than one kind of metal, or any aluminum whatsoever.

3. Part of teaching kids is making them learn shit that they don't want to, just so they get used to it. Word problems and foreign languages are good at this.

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