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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

If they were smart...

There is an old saying "If they were smart they wouldn't be criminals." I was Looking at the forums on Gunbroker and it brought up a memory about one of the stupider criminals I have encountered to date.

It was about midnight on campus in mid to late fall my partner and I were unofficially riding with an officer buddy of mine when a guy with no shirt sagging blue jeans and untied work boots ran past us being followed by several other people who informed us that he had just attacked them on their porch for not giving him some beer. He apparently had not seen the cruiser and had stopped less than 1/2 a block away in an alley. So my buddy was able to find him in a few seconds and get out of the cruiser and approach him on foot before he decided to bolt.

Too make a long story short the combination of baggy pants untied work boots and loose gravel resulted in a very fast apprehension. Unfortunately he made it a few steps first and my buddy was practically on top of him when he fell taking my buddy with him. My buddy scraped his knee, the criminal scraped everything from the waist up and spent the night in jail. I had to spend the next hour or so filling out witness statements and getting grilled by the zones Lieutenant to make sure it wasn't police brutality. All because he couldn't tie his shoes or wear a belt.


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