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Saturday, May 10, 2008

XD gear Concealed Carry review

The last two nights I have come home from work and weighed the two options I have for my carry piece and both nights I have taken my XD 5" Tactical is 9mm and the gear system that came with it opposed to my Taurus PT-145 .45 ACP and the leather Bianchi holster I have for it.

First of all there is the comfort and concealment issue The XD with a full magazine is lighter than the Taurus and both are both double stacked Magazines. The XD is also has a slimmer grip than the Taurus, so it does not print as badly as the Taurus. As for length the Taurus can be concealed easily with a longer and slightly baggy t-shirt. Where as the XD is long enough that the muzzle is even with my pants pocket or a little past it. So the edge in this category goes to the XD because it is lighter and does not print as badly.

Next is a comparison between just the holsters. The holster that comes with the XD is molded plastic deal that has a tension screw as its only retaining device. Also it has what essentially boils down to a single large belt loop designed for a 1 1/2 " belt that doesn't really work all that well with my normal 1" belt so it has a tendency to move on my belt. This makes it necessary to loosen the tension to almost non existent to draw the gun without it getting stuck in the holster. Whereas the Bianchi holster has a thumb break and has two slots for my 1" belt and can be anchored relatively easily by putting a belt loop from my pants in between the two slots making movement on my belt almost non existent. So the edge here gos to the Taurus and the Bianchi holster.

Next is the Magazine holders. Despite looking very awkward the XD double magazine holder is the best I have ever come across despite the 1 1/2" belt loops like the Bianchi holster it is possible to put a belt loop from your pants in between the loops on the holder and anchor it preventing travel. I have as of yet to find a good mag pouch or holder for the Taurus so this one is going Hands down to the XD.

All in all the XD gear takes the cake. If I can find an 1 1/2" belt i don't think I will have too many issues at all. That being said don't judge Taurus too harshly finding any aftermarket products for a Taurus specifically in a gun store is next to impossible instead you have to find a generic size that fits several different guns or magazines so the XD has a slightly unfair edge there and once it gets too hot for multiple layers of clothing I will probably be exclusively be carrying my PT-145.


Blogger Sevesteen said...

The right gear makes a huge difference. I shoot an XD service in an informal IPSC league, and use the XD gear holster there--With a good belt, it works fine at the range, but I wouldn't want to conceal with it. I strongly prefer holsters with widely spaced loops, especially for a bigger gun, they tuck the gun in much better.

If a web belt works for the way you dress, the Wilderness Tactical belts are some of the best, at a decent price. Go with the 5 stitch option. I prefer the Frequent Flier buckle, but I'm probably not the one you want to take fashion advice from...That will vastly improve almost any holster.

I don't know if the longer barrel of the Tactical will work well IWB--Probably depends on how low you wear your pants. Unless it is hot out, I normally carry an XD subcompact in a Minotaur Mtac. I've got a co-worker who carries an XD service in the same holster, and another who uses his for a Sig 226 and an HK compact. (This holster has replaceable shells, so in 2 or 3 minutes you can convert it to another pistol) Both are pleased, and this style of holster doesn't rely nearly as much on the stiffness of the belt for stability, (except in the bathroom...)
I used to carry in a Crossbreed Supertuck, also a very good choice. Maybe a fraction more comfortable if it goes directly against skin, a little bit harder to get a good grip, and cheaper. If I hadn't stepped on mine, I'd still use it.

I don't have as much experience with outside the waistband, but I still think something with widely spaced loops is likely to work considerably better with a full-sized gun, plus you move the clips or loops away from the widest part. A proper stiff gunbelt is more important here too. A simple slide holster is OK with a snubnosed revolver, but something bigger needs more support.

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