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Like many of my friends I work nights and thus I have the misfortune of being awake for a lot more hours than most people and get time to think and write accodingly. These are just reflections on the curent state of everything I have an opinion about.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Just because they don't know any better....

Since I posted last I have changed jobs I now work for a hospital doing security work while I decide what I want to be when I grow up. The title refers to the fact that one of my less pleasant tasks there is to deal with for a lack of a better term crazy people who more often than not decide that they want to use some one as a punching bag and the guy with the badge would make a good one. So because I have the badge, and they don't know any better instead of using my natural inclination to swing back and beat the piss out of them I have to let them keep swinging while I try to restrain their crazy ass to the bed with out causing any undue harm. Needless to say this job is not highly satisfying but at least I am more handsomely compensated for it than the old one, and as an added bonus I am no longer a supervisor so I am only responsible for my own actions again. So basically all in all life continues.


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