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Friday, October 06, 2006

Over protective

A lot of people who know me more than likely believe that I am more then a little paranoid about becoming the victim of a violent crime again. That's right again to date I have been on the receiving end of two attempted strong arm robberies, and had my car stolen and encountered enough crack heads and heroin junkies deciding to try to make my front porch their home while totally geeked out on their drugs of choice to put me in the Guinness book of records. I have of course taken steps to prevent things like this from happening again getting a shotgun for home defense, getting a concealed carry license for away from home defense, moving to a better neighborhood, getting a dog that will back like mad when someone enters the house, and of course getting a "club" for my car. I thought that my worries could be lessened but then it happened, my little sister decided to move out of the dorms and into an apartment.
On my first visit to the place I couldn't help but notice several areas that the landlords cut costs and put my sister and her roommates in jeopardy. Number one, the door to their section of the house is in the side away from the street with minimal lighting and the staircase to their door is a great hiding spots for mutants that want to get a good robbery/assault in. Next issue, the door while made of metal is in a frame made of old weathered wood. If it weren't bad enough on closer inspection I noticed that it had indeed been kicked in on at least two occasions and just nailed and glued back together poorly. Final issue the alarm panel is located right next to the door while I am well aware of this being standard practice it is a model that I have seen used before that can be disabled simply by hitting it off of the wall and cutting off its power source. Well I could not let this stand I went to a nearby lumber yard and bought one thing that would help the most an eight foot section of 2x4 then when we got back I cut it to the appropriate length and demonstrated to her and her roommates that by placing them with one wedged under the door knob and against the stairs inside the door and the other placed at about 4 inches above the door knob wedged against a higher stair and perpendicular to the door it was now then about ten times harder to kick in and this also protects against the rare thief skilled with a set of lock picks. As to the poor lighting and stairs I told them to start complaining to the landlords as soon as possible and keep doing so until they install one of those giant motion sensitive floodlights and have them block off the stairs with something.


Anonymous T.Potter said...

There is a definate difference between being over-protective and being realistic.
Over-protective would have been flipping out and telling her to move, but while she looked for another place, replacing the door, putting in the light yourself, and calling the housing authority.

Giving her a little extra precaution, especially when you know the area, is not a bad thing. I wish you were around Oregon so that a few of us could get a better clue.
I personally don't go outside at night without my porch light on, or at least another person to go with me. Colledge towns are bad enough, but there have been news reports lately of people and objects being attacked. Probably by wannabe gangster types.
It just doesn't feel safe anymore.

7:59 AM  

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