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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Who saved the Union?

For Christmas my Godmother gave me a series of books that had been my grandfathers. Apparantly, though he died almost 15 years before I was born, we shared a love of American Civil war history. I am about halfway through the 2nd book and the author is about to get to the battle of Gettysburg and he does an excellent job of focusing on the people that commanded in the Army of the Potomac. This got me wondering whether or not anyone has ever looked at the people who ultimately are responsible for the battle that turned the tide of the war, most specifically generals Bufford and Heth. Has anyone ever done a book on these two fascinatig people? If so what is it called if not why?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know Heth wrote a memior that was not published until 1974 on Greenwood Press. From what I can figure it was complied from various writings by James L. Morrison, Jr. It is most likely long out of print, but a majority of academic libraries should have a copy. The Civil War is not my strong point, but I can get a bibliography from some civil war buff in the department.


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