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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Talked himself into a felony

Today I sprained my ankle while apprehending a felon who thought they could assault me. Like my prior post his clothing was an issue and like my friend I was too close to him when he tripped on his own sagging pants and took me with him more than likely this is where I sprained my ankle. Unlike my friend this individual got up and started running again with me in hot pursuit. He had broken into a car and stolen a portable CD player, this was only a misdemeanor. During the pursuit he started grabbing fist sized rocks out of the ornamental rock beds and throwing them at me eventually contacting with the third. Needless to say this didn't sit well with me and after he worked his way through a fence he turned to throw rock number 4. Unfortunately for him I had closed the gap the rock throwing had created and as he turned he got a 2 to 3 second blast from my Mace (I have been requesting a pepper tear gas combo for a while to no avail) can. Now I am not a genius but you have to be pretty stupid to try to run while blind he promptly ran into the corner of an open door. This enabled me to get enough time to get through the fence and get him on the ground. I then told him if he would cooperate with me I would get his face rinsed off. So he let me cuff him without any struggle and I drug him back to the street for the car to come pick him up. While we were sitting there he asked about getting his face rinsed to which I replied, "Well you hit me with a rock so you can !@#$ing suffer till a squad gets here." Maybe not my most professional moment but I was understandably peeved.

Ready for the good part the victim of the theft didn't want a report or to press charges, so if he hadn't run he would have walked instead the idiot got himself a felony assault charge; Which will look really good next to his 8 prior robbery convictions. I will take a minor ankle sprain if it means getting a shithead like that off the streets again.


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Good post!


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Nicely done!!

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